From huge billboards to mobile advertising, from to busstops to crowded events, Ebena provides various advertising solutions for mid-sized and large corporations.


Eben Music is an award winning African based record company.


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NRG is a network of billboards and taxi advertising located in Africa.


First Response is a non-profit organization that provides support and responds immediately to those in need after natural disasters.


Gyro, based in South Africa, specializes in import and export. Gyro also specializes in the discovery of innovative technologies and niche products. Benefit from our experience in international business.


Customize Your Life is all about custom articles sold through our web store or boutiques. Customers can customize their outfit, phone or anything else they would like.

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Bantu Musik is a talent discovery platform.

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Korum Services started as one of Africa's largest printing companies serving clients such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Air France, as well as governmental organizations. Recently Korum opened its doors in Florida, USA.

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